René Gough, ENED’s surfing instructor

ENED’s children look forward to the regular surfing courses given by René Gough.

René, a Dominican, grew up in Boca Chica and started surfing with his father at the age of 12. As he always lived close to the beach, he soon made a good progress and began participating in surfing competitions. Now, René is a well-known surfer.

René then became a lifeguard and certified surf instructor. With his wife he developed a water sports business to increase the visibility and the recognition of this sport in the Dominican Republic.

How did you get to know about ENED?

René Gough

René Gough

I got to know about the foundation from a friend at the beach. All the surfers wished that they had learned surfing earlier, so I believe in the importance of teaching surfing to young ones. I like to teach surfing to people of all ages, but particularly children and adolescents. Surfing helps them to learn to love and respect the sea and respect themselves. For me, it is a way to give back to this fantastic sport which has brought me so much joy.

Could you please talk about the course you give to the ENED children?
The course takes place once a month and it consists of two sessions for two hours, with 6 boys. We start at the beach with movement simulations, before going to the water. The children are separated into two groups with me as instructor and one or two assistants, depending on the condition of the sea. We began the course over one year ago.

What are your impressions of the ENED children?
Considering that we have only one course per month, they make good progress. They say that they are always looking forward to the course. They never want the course to finish!

Surfing is a school in life: it teaches not only to love and take care of the sea, but it allows one to enjoy moments of togetherness as well as to stay concentrated, disciplined and conscious of oneself. Considering the backgrounds of those children, it is even more important.

Yon and the surf instructor Bayo

PhilippeRené Gough, ENED’s surfing instructor

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