Our volunteers

Elodie, French, Recruitment Assistant at a large multinational accounting firm in Paris, came to Boca Chica and dedicated her one month vacation to work for ENED as a volunteer.

As a Human Resources expert, she helped to re-define the job descriptions and created the employee evaluation forms.

Asked about her impressions on her experiences of ENED Boca Chica, she said:

« I appreciated working with Richard, the director, who was always available, cheerful and kind. That helped me to accomplish my mission within the given timeframe. I also appreciated the smiles of the employees, who were very nice to me. Particularly it was a great pleasure to be with the children; they are so affectionate and I will miss them very much!

Thank you, Elodie, for your beautiful message!

If you’re interested in becoming a temporary volunteer, please contact us.

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