ENED’s got Talent!

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Florence is a theater instructor, and was amazed by the talent of ENED’s children when she came to share her passion with them:

ENED ThéâtreDirector and teacher of theater at the Lycée Français in Santo Domingo, I wanted to leave aside my intellectual approach to the theater when I went to ENED. With the boys, I returned to the essentials: pleasure, joy, emotion …

Since November 2016, I’ve gone four times to Casa 1 and 2 to animate workshops by age group: 3-10 Years, 11-14 years and 15-18 years. And I certainly hope to return!

I do not know if I taught them something at the first workshop, but the boys certainly taught me! They are like sponges and free of fear and prejudice since they have nothing to lose. They know how to let go. That, I think, is what surprised me most. They were very different from my usual students …

So I wanted to push them further, to surprise themselves. With plenty of new subjects of improvisation, I returned to see the older ones. Another surprise: they plunged without restraint into subjects and situations I gave them to improvise on – and sometimes without wanting to leave the “scene”! I only saw smiles, pleasure, creativity, receptivity … and talent!

Florence Loudcher

Florence Loudcher

Among the ones who were most impressive, I will remember Leonardo. He is able to interpret any character, in any situation, with commitment, concentration, creativity and, above all, an understanding of the situation. He really excels. If I were to set up a company in the Dominican Republic, I would recruit him without hesitation!


PhilippeENED’s got Talent!

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