ENED’S GOT TALENT! After the theater,now music !

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Please take the time to listen to our “Duo Rima”

Oliver,seventeen  , and Pancho, eighteen, were able to compose this tune (words and music) themselves after only four years of guitar classes . Our  teacher, Antonio, is very invested and dedicated to ENED. He is very proud, and we are too ! please listen to them: Me Enamoro


Antonio and los eneditos

Oliver and Pancho


Daniel KarlenENED’S GOT TALENT! After the theater,now music !

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ENED’s got Talent!

Florence is a theater instructor, and was amazed by the talent of ENED’s children when she came to share her passion with them:


Growing up by helping others

One of ENED’s great goals is to develop a strong partnership with the community. ENED wants to establish itself as a local actor to gain neighborhood support and cooperation. It is one of the main reasons why we recruit our employees as much as possible from the neighborhood or its surroundings. We two French volunteers