“ENED is in good hands”

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Hardly back from the Dominican Republic, Jaclyn kindly passed by my place to share her story about her two-month stay in Boca Chica. She came with her usual bright smile, on a very snowy day.

The news are good: the team is motivated and the number of boys taken care of by ENED is at a record high. There are 36 boys, of which 17 are in the reintegration phase.

“It is a crucial and delicate period which requires a lot of attention from us”, says Jaclyn.

Seven boys out of 17 came from Casa Uno*, which amounts to saying that they have been with ENED a long time. It also means that we are living a pivotal moment. The fact that these boys are moving to Casa Dos* shows our success, because it proofs that we have been able to accompany them until adolescence. However, this also implies an increase in our expenses, because professional integration is costly. It is a real challenge. “But I’m confident. ENED is in good hands.”

*Our Casa Uno accommodates boys from 6 to 15 years old, while Casa Dos is for boys above 15.

Text: Francesca Sacco

Philippe“ENED is in good hands”

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